Kidkit School Uniforms

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to sign up to the site?

You can browse items without signing up but you need to register to sell an item or make a purchase. We ask you to do this before you list or buy your first item so that we have your details and banking information ready for when you make your first sale or purchase. That way we can make sure the money gets transferred to the sellers bank account and buyers can receive their items as quickly as possible.

Why do you need my bank account details?

All transactions on our site are processed by Stripe. If you are a seller Stripe needs your bank account details in order to deposit the proceeds of your sales to your account. We ask for this information when you sign up so that you get paid as soon as possible after your first sale.

How do I create a listing?

  1. Go to the Post a new listing page

  2. Fill out your listing details:

    • Give your listing a title that helps your buyers know what you’re selling. TIP: keep it simple and descriptive e.g. Summer Bay Primary Winter Tunic, Size 6.

    • Add a description – this can include details on the quantity you have, the condition they’re in, a description of any wear and tear, or any other relevant details.

    • Using the easy dropdown menus select the other information that will help buyers find your item such as School, Item type, Gender, Condition and Size

  3. Add your price and how much stock you have available. If you have multiples of an item in the same size and condition you can list these all under one listing. Note that the minimum price you can have on a listing is $10. We recommend that if you have multiples of lower value items that you create a bundle that you can sell for $10 or more.

  4. Add delivery or pick up details for your item

  5. Upload a photo(or several) of your item. If your item is stained or shows other signs of wear it is a good idea to include photos of this so that buyers are properly informed before deciding to buy. TIP: Freshly wash and press uniforms before you take photos and take photos in bright natural light to show your items at their best.

What should my listing title be?

Listings that provide a lot of information have greater success selling, so give your listing a title that helps buyers know exactly what you’re selling. It can help to include the condition, size and item type.

If you are selling a bundle of items, include this in the description as then buyers will see how many items they are getting for the price before selecting your item to read the description. An example of an effective listing title is “2 Pack PE shorts, Size 8, as New”

How should I describe my listing?

Most of the information that buyers need will be captured in the drop down menus that you complete when you set up your listing, so the description really only needs to contain extra information that a buyer would want to know to make an informed decision. For example, details of any wear and tear or damage, style information such as if an item is an older style that can still be worn but has been replaced.

What if I have multiple items of the same type?

If you have multiple items of the same type that are the same size and condition, you can include them all in one listing. Just be sure to enter the quantity that you have in the Pricing & Stock section when you create your listing.

How much should I list my item for?

As a guide second hand uniforms typically sell for around 50% of the price of new uniforms, depending on the condition they’re in. Private school uniforms tend to retain more of their value while public school and primary school uniforms are often cheaper to begin with and don’t resell for as much.

When deciding how much to list your item for, check out what others have listed similar items in similar condition to yours for and use this as a guide. If an item doesn’t sell at the price you have it listed at, you can always drop the price later.

What condition is my item in?

Marketplaces work best when there is trust between buyers and sellers. You can build trust as a seller and have satisfied buyers if you ensure that the condition you list your items in accurately reflects the condition they’re really in. Be sure to refer to our Condition Definitions below when listing your items so that you get it right.

New/Never Worn Item is brand new and has never been worn. It does not need to have tags.

Excellent Item has only been worn several times, is in near perfect condition showing no signs of wear and tear.

Very Good Item has been well worn and shows signs of normal wear. No stains or tears. Zippers and buttons are present and working.

Good Item has been well worn and has minor stains and/or signs of wear and tear such as pilling or small pulls.

Fair Item has had heavy wear and has obvious stains and/or fabric wear. There may be missing buttons or small tears in fabric.

Why can't I list my item for less than $10?

At the present time Kidkit can only accept listings with a price of $10 or more. This is due to the cost of the banking software that processes transactions. If you have lower value items that you’d like to list, we recommend listing them in multiples (e.g. 2-pack of shirts) or as a bundle (e.g. Size 5 winter uniform bundle).

How much does it cost to buy and sell uniforms on Kidkit?

Kidkit is free to join and list items, and there are no fees for buyers. We automatically deduct a 10% fee from the final price of every sold listing, which covers the cost of the secure banking platform that processes transactions, site maintenance and growing the Kidkit community to benefit more families and schools.

Why do I have to pay fees on my listing?

Kidkit is a mission led business. We are trying to recirculate uniforms, reducing the cost for families and keeping uniforms out of landfill. What you might see as an annoying fee, we see as a necessary contribution to keep the site running to benefit families, school communities and the environment. We can’t thank you enough for supporting our mission by using the site.

How much commission does Kidkit charge?

We automatically deduct a 10% fee from the final price of every sold listing. For example, if you sell your item for $10 we will deduct $1, and the you keep the remaining $9. The fee covers the cost of the secure banking platform that processes transactions, site maintenance and growing the Kidkit community to benefit more school communities.

A seller has asked me to pay outside Kidkit, is that okay?

Kidkit is designed to give you a convenient, reliable and secure online platform to buy second hand uniforms through. By transacting off the platform you will no longer be covered by our support, security processes or safeguards. It is a violation of our terms of service to take transactions off-site. Any users taking transactions off site will be banned.

If a seller is asking you to transact off the site you can report it and get support from us by contacting

How do I know if the buyer has paid?

When you accept a sale, the money leaves the account of the buyer and goes to Stripe (the system we use for processing payments). Stripe then connects the buyer and seller’s accounts and sends the money to you. The first time you sell an item this can take up to 10 working days but subsequent transactions will be quicker.

My school isn’t listed, what do I do?

If you would like your school to be included on Kidkit so that your school community can benefit from a dedicated, easy and secure school uniform marketplace, please let us know by contacting us at